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Commercial Cleaning Recruitment

15th May 2024

Commercial cleaning recruitment and why we do it differently 

Trends in Recruitment 

With unemployment rates at 4.2% raising from 3.2% pre-covid, we see large numbers of applicants when advertising our roles. In 2022 5.2 million people in the UK took on an extra job because of rising costs; this is a trend we are still seeing in our recruitment now. 40% of our staff also work an additional job; with many of our hours being early mornings or evenings, we see staff working 9-5 jobs during the day and then for us out of hours.

What do we look for? 

We attend local job fairs, most recently at The forum where a common question was “what do you look for” because candidates don’t have cleaning experience or drive. As a company our first value is Integrity, and candidates were surprised to hear us say we look for honesty and reliability as the standout characteristics in our staff. In order to be able to deliver a five start service we need to know our staff will come to work every day and do the job we require of them. This is how we deliver the outstanding commercial cleaning service we do, to all our clients. One of our other values is sustainability, which is why we don’t require our staff to drive. We don’t have a big fleet of cars or vans and we don’t have a dream to do that. Our staff are all local and over 70% of them travel by bike or foot; this means the pool of candidates we have is much larger than those companies demanding driving skills.

Why are we different? 

Our staff are the foundation of our business, without them we would not be able to operate the way we do. When recruiting new staff, they will further enhance our Flawless Family. We can teach most people our cleaning techniques, but we cannot teach them to be reliable, honest and have integrity. We are a team, and we work together to make a difference in every premises we work in. Not only that but we want to make a difference in our local community. Our staff play a part in this, helping us raise money for our chosen charities each year. If we work together, collaborating and enjoying life as a team, we find our recruitment and retention show that.